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you are losing customers if you still use an outdated and cumbersome 'Contact Form' to set appointments

Immediately increase your bookings with 'APPOINTIFY' - a state-of-the-art online apppointment setting system.

This is what an online appointment system can do for your business and your customers

Book an appointment online any time of day.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. They visit, say, a local dentist’s website and there is a big telephone number on the site to call for appointments. But they’re at work and can’t call, or in a noisy coffee shop, or it’s late at night and the office is closed. So they continue searching for a dentist. Worse yet, they call during business hours and the line is busy, or they get put on hold, or get sent to voice mail. An online appointment system lets them make an appointment at their convenience, automatically get confirmation, plus a reminder email. Customer service doesn’t get better than this!


Avoid the poor customer service given by old technology 'Contact Forms'.

Saves staff time and increases efficiency.

Admin staff will be freed from spending hours answering phone calls, responding to contact forms, listening to voice mails, managing appointment schedules, and sending reminder notices. Your appointments will increase dramatically and more people will actually show up for their appointments.


Over 80% of all service business still use old fashioned contact forms for making appointments. This forces customers to fill out a form, state what they want, wait for a phone call or email response, and then go back and forth with the receptionist to get an appointment. Then, the receptionist has to remember to send reminder notices or customers forget to show up! A modern online appointment system lets the customer set their appointment immediately AND automatically sends an email confirmation.


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The best – and fastest! –  way to increase your appointments and your revenue is to give your customers an easy to use online appointment system. When they are able to make appointments online and at their convenience, you will realize a surge in appointments and an increase in customer satisfaction. Contact us today and we will quickly install our state-of-the art appointment system so you can quickly see an increase in your appointments.