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Let’s install a modern, online appointment system designed to get you more customers and more appointments

                     Introducing…. ‘Appointify’!

What your customers will love about your Appointify online appointment system

  • Ability to see when your business is open and what appointment times are available
  • Can book an appointment online at any time of any day
  • No more filling out online forms and waiting for a response
  • Shows what services are available for what appointment days/times
  • Can get automatic acknowledgement that appointment was set

What you will love about your Appointify online appointment system

  • The increased bookings it will bring
  • Ability to set different available times for different services and different providers
  • Keeps track of appointments booked and available appointments
  • No more answering machines to deal with for appointments
  • Stops leads from slipping through the cracks
  • Saves admin staff countless hours from answering phones, emails, listening to messages
  • Reduces missed appointments by automatically sending reminder messages
  • No more accidental double bookings
  • Simple dashboard provides an easy view of your appointment calendar
  • Mobile optimized - looks great on all devices and screen sizes

Here are the features you’ll enjoy with your Appointify state-of-the-art appointment system

Extensive Appointment Settings

Different schedules for different users or services; set appointment time length, more….

Duplicate Booking Checker

Checks for duplicate bookings and suggests alternatives

Automatic Email Reminders

Turn on or off; you set the amount of lead time; can set reminders for both customer and service providers.

Backend Appointment Calendar and List

Shows active, pending, completed and removed appointments. Multiple sort and filter capabilities

Export Data

Easily export your appointment details and statistics for offline analysis and reference

Mobile Optimized

Works perfectly on all screen sizes and devices. Avoids losing bookings due to hard to fill our forms on a small screen

Unlimited Appointments

Unlike some appointment systems, with Appointify there are no limits on the number of appointments you take. Our low one time price is the same.

Ability to Accept Payments Upfront

Allows you to accept payments at the time of booking for services that require this capability

Multiple Services and Users

Allows you to have multiple services and multiple users within each service, each of who can have their own unique schedule

Auto Confirmation of Appointments

Clients can receive an automatic confirmation when they make an appointment or you can require approval first

Show Working Hours

Set your holidays, days off, lunchtimes, breaktimes and meetings, so that bookings can only be made for actual working hours


Customize the Appointment Form

Specify colors, fonts, labels, etc. to fit the look and feel of your website

Here’s what your appointment form will look like

Book Your Appointment

  • Service
  • Schedule
  • Done
Select Service
Select Service Provider

Our schedule for September 2020

































Please check the appointment details below and confirm:

Not Possible

Clean, simple and easy for your clients to use!


If you’ve researched other online appointment systems, you know that the vast majority of them charge a monthly fee, based on either the number of service providers you have, or the number of monthly appointments you schedule (or sometimes both!). This means the more your business grows, the more you pay.

These monthly fees can range from a low of $20 per month for one service provider and a low number of appointments, to $100 per month or more for multiple service providers. 

There are also a small number of software programs that you can purchase outright for a one time cost. However, you are then faced with integrating the software into your website, which can be technically challenging and most businesses will need to hire someone to do this. Plus, software eventually becomes out of date unless you also pay for ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

With Appointify, none of these shortcomings apply. You pay a one-time fee for unlimited service providers, unlimited appointments and unlimited upgrades. When improvements are made over time, you’ll automatically get them. And we install the appointment form on your website.

Appointify Online Appointment System

One Time Fee
$500 / One Time Fee
  • We install on your website
  • Customization of appointment form colors, fonts and labels
  • Placement of the form on any page - or all pages - of your website
  • Unlimited services you can set for appointments
  • Unlimited service provider calendars
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Lifetime updates
  • 60 day moneyback guarantee